1. The Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg (EABW), supports companies nationally and internationally in their transformation into an innovative and sustainable organization. For more than 35 years, EABW has been implementing its educational, consulting and research activities at the interface of technology and management. The IMLead® concept of Integrated Management & Leadership developed by the Export-Akademie forms the unique framework for the whole service portfolio.

It includes:

  • online and offline blended learning trainings for specialists and executives,
  • business initiation including conception of a go-to-market strategy, business partner research, organizing of business trips,
  • business consulting,
  • establishing of Centers of Excellence for Green Technologies[NR1],
  • new sustainability assessment GreenMLA®[NR2],
  • benchmarking studies.

2. SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen | Steinbeis University

SGIT Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen is a part of Steinbeis University Berlin, which is the biggest scientific private non-profit university in Germany with more than 7,000 students. The education is based on the practically orientated philosophy since a key condition for admission is a tripartite agreement between the university, a student, and a company/organization in which an applicant fulfils his/her scientific project. As a part of the ‘Steinbeis family’ SGIT has access to the infrastructure and network of more than 900 organizations involved in the Steinbeis-conglomerate worldwide (i.e. institutions, research centers, educational organizations, companies, and enterprises).

3. RGX is a leader in the business segment of cross-border SMEs

Since the year 2000, RGX has helped more than 188,000 small and medium-sized companies in their internationalization process, collaborated with over 700 Chambers of Commerce, associations, and governments in the design and implementation of projects to promote foreign trade and supported the main multinational companies with value propositions for the SME segment.

4. EFFECTUS – Entrepreneurial Studies is higher education institution from Croatia, with undergraduate professional study of Finance and Law and a specialist graduate professional study of Financial Management

Effectus Business School is an adult education institution that implements professional development / training programs in economics, law, finance, supervision and corporate governance, tourism and hospitality, and foreign language learning programs. LIFELONG EDUCATION is one of EFFECTUS ‘strategic development projects. The ultimate goal in the implementation of lifelong learning programs, in line with the needs of the economy and social development, is to create a diverse and flexible offer of programs serving both, individuals and corporations. The seriousness that EFFECTUS attaches to this segment of its development has been recognized by the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education.

5. Megatrend University

Megatrend University is an academic family with 12 faculties and one institute, that offers entry into the world of work according to the most modern pedagogical standards. Forms of teaching – lectures, exercises, workshops, simulations, evaluations and tests – are adapted to the sensibility, rhythm, needs, and abilities of young people eager for new knowledge. Today, in addition to Megatrend University’s 12 faculties, there is a distance learning program and the Institute for New Technologies. Participants are provided with education on 8 campuses in 6 cities in Serbia (Belgrade, Zajecar, Backa Topola, Pozarevac, Valjevo, Vrsac).

6. M6 Educational Centre

M6 Educational Centre is a leading institution for transformational and societal development, stimulating knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture in everyday work and life for individuals, companies, and institutions. By inspiring lifelong learning and development in times of agile challenges and digital transformation, M6 Educational Centre offers a wide range of services and resources, including training, consultancy, project development, research and analysis, facilities and rentals, and event organization. As a strategic partner and supporter of companies and their employees, the centre is customer-orientated, focused on offering added value and opportunities for achieving business excellence, cooperating and networking for local, regional and international companies. M6 Educational Centre is shaping the leaders of today and building the leaders of tomorrow.

7. Evrosimovski Consulting

EVROSIMOVSKI Consulting was founded in Skopje in 2006, offering business management consulting services. The firm’s renowned portfolio of consulting services, has built a database of recognized clients, including private companies and public institutions (ministries, agencies, directorates, inspectorates, public enterprises, health institutions, educational institutions and others). In 2018, EVROSIMOVSKI Consulting expanded its operations in the Republic of Serbia by opening an office in Belgrade. The services offered on the Serbian market are supported by local and international experts.

EVROSIMOVSKI Consulting offers business management consulting services for:

  • Implementation of international ISO standards
  • Preparation of business plans, feasibility studies and strategies
  • Lean Six Sigma Trainings
  • Business Analytics and Implementation of Business Methodologies
  • Training and lectures
  • Guidance and implementation of Temos Healthcare Accreditation for North Macedonia and Serbia

8. Temos Academy

Professional and academic education and training through application-oriented educational formats and programs. Our training programs, seminars, and workshops are interactive and are meant to create active participation and collaboration by those participating. Our training programs are individually designed programs to meet your demands regarding content, budget, and time constraints, and can include onsite in-house training, online training or training at the Temos headquarters.