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General EXPORT Consultancy

Export Academy’s expertise can offer you decisive help to ensure your success in foreign markets during all phases and processes of internationalization, whether you’re experienced in export or are in the planning stages, regardless of company size. We work with both small and large companies, catering to their specific and unique needs.

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Services We Offer:

  • Research of foreign markets;
  • Finding the most suitable foreign partners;
  • Adaptation of products for export and meeting legal criteria;
  • Optimal pricing policy;
  • Concluding adequate contracts;
  • Flawless realization of exports;
  • Minimizing or eliminating transport and logistics difficulties;
  • Promotional and after-sales activities.

Let us make the exporting process easier for you and your company, and help you avoid the most common pitfalls. 

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Developing EXPORT plan

No business, especially international ones, can tolerate improvisation. Exporting should be based on a realistic development plan – strategically and operationally.

A quality export plan, which includes all essential elements and is based on authentic information that anticipates trends, is half the battle.

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Our export strategy plan will be your blueprint for entering and expanding into foreign markets. We will provide you with the detailed legal requirements, document requirements, tax regulations, customs declarations, and a detailed international business plan in anticipation of your future export goals, including end-to-end procedures for operating in your new export market.

We will jointly create the export plan, taking all of your needs into consideration. Upon commencement, we will help you manage each stage, locate stakeholders, setting phase and final targets, and eliminate all foreseen risks.

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MSM Market Selection

Objective: Selecting 3 new export markets where your company would be most competitive to do business.

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Scope: The 3 export markets where the company would have greater competitiveness are chosen according to 14 weighted criteria related to foreign trade, economic aspects, and the operating sector of each company.

This methodology is based on 14 weighted criteria:

  1. A) FTA (Free Trade Agreement).
  2. B) Participation of the preselected destination in world imports.
  3. C) Trend of the preselected destination in world imports.
  4. D) Volume coincidence (size of economies).
  5. E) Trend of the trade balance between countries.
  6. F) Geographic proximity.
  7. G) Cultural proximity
  8. H) ) Impact of COVID-19.
  9. I) Degree of opening of commercial borders with respect to COVID-19.
  10. J) Logistics performance index.
  11. K) International freight costs from origin to destination.
  12. M) Efficiency of customs clearance
  13. N) Import tariff of the HS code under study.
  14. O) Others inherent to the sector / industry

Deliverables: A report with the 3 new export markets selected, and a detailed explanation of why they have been chosen.

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Importers List / List of potentials clients / buyers

Objective: Identify importers, distributors or other profiles of potential customers in the 3 markets that can be selected with MSM Market Selection, or to be chosen by your company.

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Scope:Lists are made by no. 6-digit tariff position of the Harmonized System (HS CODE), provided by the interested party along with an export brochure or web references of the product of interest.

The List will report, on average, a minimum of 20 VALIDATED importing / distribution companies (existing and active) in the requested markets.

Deliverables: The list of potential clients contains the name of the company, country, website address and contact information so that the exporter can confirm interest in scheduling a meeting.

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B2B / Meeting with international buyers

Objective:Generate virtual meetings with potential international buyers interested in your company’s products.

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– Coordination of 5 to 8 confirmed virtual appointments with potential buyers, distributors and/or partners (previously validated by the exporter) interested in the products that the company sells, in the market(s) defined objective(s).

– Appointments will be made through different platforms (Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.), selected by the buyer. Five days before the date of the first meeting, an agenda will be delivered with the scheduled meetings, however prior to this, RGX must coordinate and agree with the exporter company on the scheduled meetings so that it can have an agenda prepared and available.

Deliverables: Business Agenda with 5 to 8 confirmed appointments with international buyers interested in the company’s products.

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Customs, Institutions, Certificates, Standards of EXPORT procedures

In international business relationships, it isn’t only you and your foreign partner, but a multitude of institutions, customs, inspections, and banks, each with special standards and procedures, that are also involved.

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Potential problems and inconsistencies in dealings with these institutions, as well as ignorance of rules and procedures, can have a negative impact on your international business.

Don’t leave this to chance. Secure the future of your company by relying on the professional assistance of demonstrated experts who have done this countless times – successfully.

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Setting up and organizing EXPORT department

Proactive and competent international action is not a matter of the sole individual, but rather needs to be founded in the company philosophy and structure, collectively.

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In order to successfully manage international operations, a company needs to be restructured, and a key point in the new organizational infrastructure is the development of an export department.

We can assist you in creating and structuring an efficient Export Department, ensuring your company’s future processes and success.

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EXPORT training of your staff

Doing business in the global market requires your employees to embrace a new mindset. International business demands highly specialized experts who can deal with the business challenges ahead – new methods of work, emerging trends, different cultures, multinational companies, the latest technologies, to name a few.

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For an effective response to these challenges, you need highly educated and experienced professionals, not only in sales, but in production, control, procurement, finance, and marketing.

Continuous education and ultra-practical training of groups or individuals must be a top priority in your organization.

Export academy has a network of experienced international experts that can equip your employees with the necessary skills and know-how to function effectively in the global marketplace.

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