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Export Academy

Export Academy is an export consultancy and training provider that brings together international experts, industry-wide best practices, and thorough knowledge of trade regulations to help your business enter global markets, increase your customer base, and ultimately, revenue. We have partnered with leading companies and authorities worldwide to better assist you in bringing your company to the forefront of international trade.

Export Academy, a consultancy and training provider, caters to companies and individuals in Southeastern Europe, guiding them through internationalization strategy, identifying target markets, and helping them navigate the challenges of expansion, global operations, and regulations.

Our export education and consultancy process aims to raise the international performance level of companies and professionals alike.

Export Academy by Matrona Consulting Offers Your Company Two Solutions:

  • The Export and Logistics Course

Through our highly specialized 10 module training course, you and members of your team can acquire the necessary skills to expand your company’s global footprint, increase your market share, and diversify your sales potential on your own. The course will prepare you and your team to successfully execute your exporting goals. For more detailed course information and what each module entails click here.

  • Export Consultancy

Our export and trade consultants, with their extensive international experience, can guide your organization throughout the export process, starting with an initial analysis of your business and objectives, and concluding with a bespoke strategy that would benefit your business goals. We remove the barriers that most companies face when starting the export process alone by guiding you step-by-step.

  • Our consulting services will accelerate your overseas sales growth, reduce your exposure to risk, and provide you with:

– A detailed strategy to start executing your business plans

– Pre-market entry research

– Detailed knowledge of subsidies and programs that countries offer to SMEs to expand into new markets

– Guidance on the latest regulations for your chosen market to ensure your company is always market compliant

– Access and ability to leverage our consultants’ extensive network of potential sales partners and service providers that they have acquired through years of experience and network building, saving you time and money

–  Risk management with export financing, currency exchange, and credit insurance

For further details, or to discuss how our Consultancy service can help your business, contact us today.


Our mission is to connect people and companies around the world, to maintain a dedicated team of consultants who will support and train you in all steps of the development of your organization. Our primary goal is to provide added value that will result in outstanding performance and innovative solutions for your company. No company is too small or too large to start exporting. That is why we provide a two-pronged solution for you to decide which is better suited to the needs of your organization.


Our vision is to make your company’s vision of global expansion a reality. We do this by maintaining leadership in creating outcome-driven training, providing innovative solutions, and bespoke consultancy services that will enable our clients to seamlessly expand their reach, achieve their business goals, and realize their sales and marketing objectives.


The values at the forefront of our organization and that we adhere to with every client and our employees have always been rooted in trust, dedication, integrity, enthusiasm, persistence, and professionalism. This is the backbone of our company’s success. We believe that the nature of our business demands an international outlook, beginning and ending with respect for all cultures, customs, and traditions that will be encountered in our work. It is people and connections that drive success – that is at the heart of our business and how we see our development and progress in the future.

Are you ready to expand your company’s global presence and increase your customer base?

Tanja Evrosimovska – Founder, Export Academy

Tanja Evrosimovska has dedicated a good part of her life to running successful cross-border businesses. She has over 20 years’ experience in international business management, specializing in business strategy, market research and emerging markets. Tanja Evrosimovska holds an MBA and will be attaining her PhD in International Business Management by the end of 2022.

She has encountered most of the hurdles that come with this line of work and has overcome them, bringing international success to the companies she has led.

“This is why we started Export Academy by Matrona Consulting. We want to give companies the benefit of choosing which path suits their needs more – our training course or consultancy services – and ultimately help them succeed. Their success is our success.

In a small market economy, international trade is very significant for both countries and companies. Countries benefit with an increase in GDP, capital inflows, and rise in employment, while companies benefit with greater sales, increased stability and productivity, improved competitiveness, and innovation.

The internationalization process is complex and requires varied skills and expertise. Education and training in international business is one of the most important steps towards success in a foreign market. Education is needed to provide entrepreneurs, managers, and employees with expertise in international financial transactions, contracting, marketing, research of foreign markets, finding new clients, negotiations, cross-cultural management, as well as transport and logistics.

Export Academy by Matrona Consulting can provide these services. More importantly, our company is built around our core values – people and connections drive success – that is at the heart of our business and how we see not only our development and progress in the future, but yours as well.”