Representatives from eleven Macedonian companies from the food industry attended the practical training aimed at finding solutions for exporting their products in conditions of a global economic crisis, which was held on 14.10.2022 in the organization of the Export Academy by Matrona Consulting.

At the training, experts from this sector explained in detail the procedures and ways to finance and insure exports, which standards are needed and how to find partners for networking and research in foreign markets and inclusion in large supply chains.

As a conclusion of the training, businesses are moving towards globalization, but to be competitive in other markets, they will need to demonstrate a level of adaptation based on local regulations, utilizing local support and cooperation with local communities as well as demonstrating investment in social esponsibility.

“Due to the limited resources of the Macedonian small and still unintegrated national economy, in such extremely difficult conditions, Macedonian small and medium enterprises are left practically on their own and in the global market they are in direct competition with companies from developed countries that have massive institutional support. We hope that with such practical trainings, companies will help each other to export more, and some smaller companies will be encouraged to start exporting. We will also try to influence their more successful handling in crisis conditions, and for their greater competitiveness and success in foreign markets” – said Tanja Evrosimovska, founder of Export Academy and Matrona Consulting.

Ljupcho Veleski, export director of Vitaminka, Darko Stefanovski, representative from the development bank of RSM, Kristian Baleski and Darko Zaev from the export sector of the Mamas brand, Edward Sofeski from the Small Business Chamber of Commerce and Lenche Nikolovska, director of Agroteam, gave their analyses, shared opinions, and also proposed solutions.

The training was supported by the international company MARF Shipping & Forwarding as a general sponsor.

“Export Academy organized an extremely interesting and unique workshop, which, in the form of debate and interaction of all participants, touched on the most important points of the export activities of Macedonian companies from the food industry, placing special emphasis on the challenges brought by the global economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. Experts from the real world of business, based on their experiences, have provided specific and effective guidelines for international business activities that food industry companies should follow to emerge victorious in these perilous times. I sincerely hope that the Export Academy by Matrona Consulting will continue with this series of trainings, because the concept that the academy has is truly unique and fully effective” – ​​said Ljupco Veleski, export director of Vitaminka.

Due to the great interest of small and medium-sized enterprises in practical advice and sharing of experiences from successful and larger companies, Export Academy by Matrona Consulting announces a series of future trainings on various topics related to export and improving the competitiveness of companies.



The training is organized by the Export Academy by Matrona Consulting, a professional and scientific organization in that deals with the export and internationalization of Macedonian companies, using in practice the confirmed professional experiences of top experts, scientific research, networking and cooperation with authoritative industries from abroad. .

Matrona Cons is a consulting company working on business internationalization and export, strategic company development and export education programs for SMEs in the SEE/Balkan region ( and with offices in Skopje, Belgrade, and Ljubljana. Matrona Cons is the exclusive representative for several leading brands such as RGX – a global export expert, an international business consulting company with a presence in more than 60 countries ( and Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg from Germany (www.eabw. org/en/) training and consulting organization with a focus on green technologies and digitalization for more than 35 years.